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You might have thought of the idea to put your company information such as a company presentation, annual report, contact information, organizational structure, etc. on a CD or DVD and give this to your (future) customers. There is obviously no better way to inform your business relations about your company. But do these relations really bother to read your CD? And is this risk worth the relatively high costs?

But what if this CD is the size of a business (54 x 86mm) card? And your artwork and contact information is printed on the CD?

The Lotsa Group offers these CD/DVD business or promotional cards for the same price as a personalized standard CD or DVD. A CD business card from The Lotsa Group leaves a lasting impression.

In the United States particular, the CD name card is seeing increasing demands, in the well-known competitive industries. The Lotsa Group predicts that in the coming years this trend will increase in Europe and Oceania as well.

To give you an idea of the storage capabilities of a DVD (352MB) business card:

• Up to 10,000 PDF or Word pages
• 3000 to 13000 HTML pages
• 9 minutes MPEG 2 Video
• 30 minutes audio or 5 hour MP3 music
• 1600 PowerPoint slides

The information above is based on a DVD business card at its maximum capacity; the CD business card can store a maximum 50MB of data.

The business CD card size of The Lotsa Group is the most popular option, but we also offer different sizes and shapes. If you would like specified information about this please contact our sales department.

Data management

Your personalization data is kept confidential at all times, using the highest security requirements. The Lotsa Group offers two options when producing your CD/DVD cards, duplication or replication:

DVD/CD Duplication

For smaller amounts this would be the best/inexpensive option for amounts around 500 units. Here we will use your master CD/DVD by making exact copies of your data or audio by burning it on high quality rewritable CD/DVD’s.

DVD/CD replication

This option is most suitable larger production amounts. We print and stamp exact copies of your master CD/DVD. A so called ‘glass master’ is being used to create a stamp which will then produce the contents of your master CD/DVD in a high quality polycarbonate disc. When the production is very large (5,000 or more), this option is cheaper than duplication!

Please note that in both cases we need a ‘Master DVD/CD’!


In terms of resolution and pixels we ask you to respect the standard specifications (artwork). You have to take into account that the circle in the centre of the disc will affect its measurements.

Popular DVD/CD card options:

• Contact information
• Company presentation (flash, video, audio, Microsoft Office documents etc.)
• Professional company (investment) proposals
• Promotion of new products
• User guidelines
• Annual reports

There are millions of potential possibilities, please contact our sales department for further assistance.

DVD/CD card Accessories

The Lotsa Group card stand

The special transparent The Lotsa Group card stand is the perfect way to promote or hold your cards. Please contact our sales department for more information.

The Lotsa Group is the Card Professional card producer for your CD & DVD cards